Manifestations of Monotony
Peenya is a dusty industrial town in Bangalore, a chaotic jumble of incessant traffic, the drone of factories and vast abandoned spaces. As part of the Art, In Transit project ( a collaborative effort between the Srishti school of Art, Design & Technology and the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited) we attempted to transform the Peenya metro station into an "art station", thereby attempting to create a sense of value and ownership for the people of the area, and also increase footfall at the station.
After a period of on-ground research spent building a resource pool of stories, characters and sites from Peenya, I chose to explore abandoned spaces in Peenya and their caretakers. My point of enquiry was to explore using visual narrative to evoke a sense of space.
The sites I chose to document are linked by a consistent sense of monotony and lingering. They range from blade factories to junkyards and overgrown fields, they are visited by no one and their sole occupant is the caretaker. I created narratives in these spaces, using two characters. - the caretake, a symbol of the unchanging nature of the sites, and a rabbit, a break in the monotony.
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